Wednesday, February 3, 2010

NEW 3" Extension Kit - Adds support for 2.25-3.5 pound cameras

The new 3" Extension Kit for the MiniDV Stabilizer adds support for cameras in the 2.25-3.5 pound camera range. By extending the unit by 3" it effectively increases the weight rating to 2-3.5 pounds with the additional weight supplied. As an added bonus, we will be including a Universal Camera Off-Set Plate with the first 5 units. Perfect for unbalanced DSLR and other cameras using wide angle or telephoto lenses. A $12.95 value.


  1. are you still giving a free Universal Camera Off-set Plate?

  2. I'm afraid the offer for the Free Camera Off-set plate has expired. For those looking to use a DSLR or other imbalanced cameras, we do have the Camera Off-set available for purchase on our website

    Philip Balvanz