Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Turn Your Smart Phone in to a Filmmaking Machine with StrongHold

Cell Phone Filmmaking Hand Grip
The future of filmmaking is in your pocket, now it's time to turn it in to a film making machine.  Built out of solid aluminum the StrongHold cell phone cage lives up to it's name.  Giving you two rock solid foam covered grip handles and enough mounting points for lights, mics and other accessories. No flimsy plastic to break or mounts to slip out of even the cell phone clamp is 1/4" thick aluminum. Supports anything from an iPhone4 to a Samsung Galaxy Note. 

It's time to turn that smart phone in to the an extraordinary film making machine. 

Now available at

Maximum Cell Phone Size Supported On the StrongHold Cell Phone Grip. 

Light, Mic, and more mounting locations on the StrongHold Cell Phone Grip

Stonghold Cell Phone Grip Mounted on Tripod

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