Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New and Improved MiniDV Stabilizer Pro V2!

We are excited to share with you the new and improved version of our MiniDV Stabilizer Pro.  The MiniDV Stabilizer Pro V2 is based exclusively on the countless years of customer feedback we received.  Bringing you exactly what customers in the field need at a great price.  Designed with DSLR's in mind we've pushed the limits of the original.

We added teflon sealed side bearings for ultra smooth gimbal movement.

The upgraded head plate combines the power of the off-set with the ease of slot based adjustments.  Pushing the limits with 25 1/4"-20 mounting holes you'll be hard pressed to find a camera that can't be balanced.

With DSLR users we found using multiple lenses was popular, so we set up the unit with a whopping 1-1/2" of sliding travel to reduce the need to switch camera mounting holes when swapping lenses.

We added the popular extendable main tube to make vertical balance faster.  Another benefit for DSLR users when switching lenses.  This change also pushes the camera weight rating to 1.25-4.25pounds giving DSLR users more room to upgrade their camera with lights, lenses, mics and more

Durable Powder Coat Paint

We've had many issues with the old paint, so we decided it was time to move on.  We upgraded to an ultra durable gloss black powder coat paint to give you years of service and still look good.

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