Wednesday, September 18, 2013

3-Axis Camera Stabilizer Gimbal

Over the course of several hours thirty four different parts come together to produce just one of the high precision 3-axis camera stabilizer gimbals found in our Specter Stabilizer
 For precise alignment of the mounting holes, the middle layer of the gimbal starts out as a square.   Once the holes are drilled and threaded the corners are cut off prior to final rounding(Shown on right).

Designed with three layers that are machined together for a perfect fit, lighter weight, and calibration adjustment for perfect balance.

It takes over seventy different parts to assemble just one of our Specter Stabilizers, seventeen of which are custom machined with tolerances of just a few thousandth of an inch. Here’s a close up look at just two of those custom parts found in the 3-axis gimbal.

With high precision ultra low friction surfaces, the new fully ceramic main bearing will give you the super smooth footage you need.  With a bearing that retails just under some of our competitors products, we're confident you won't be disappointed.
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  2. This post is great, I know Gimbal stabilizer is a high precision instrument, but I didn't expect it to need so many parts.

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