Thursday, September 16, 2010

Introducing the Main Tube Foam Grip

We are proud to introduce our new product the Main Tube Foam Grip. Giving you more control, stability and sensitivity than ever before. The main tube foam grip supplies it all. The larger diameter of the grip allows for finer panning adjustment. The soft grip reduces vibrations transferred from your hands. And to top it all off we are giving the first 10 away FREE!

So how do I get one, you ask? Simply post a video online reviewing, demonstrating, or shooting, using your MiniDV Stabilizer. Videos should be at least 1-2 minutes long, and include a link to at the end of the video as well as in the description. After you're done uploading your video, email us with your name and address to
, and we will send you one.

Video Submission #1
From: Jon in Twin Lake, MI

Video Submission #2
From: Vladimir in Sweden

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