Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New for 2012 The Stabilizer Arm Brace

New For 2012 the Camera Stabilizer Arm Brace
Product link: Stabilizer Arm Brace

Perfect for preventing fatigue during long shoots, the stabilizer arm brace has you covered. It's quick and easy to strap on and its loop back Velcro design means quieter operation than its competitors. Compatible with the MiniDV Stabilizer, MiniDV Stabilizer Pro and our Specter Stabilizer.

Camera Stabilizer Arm Brace Compact Enough to Fit Inside Loose Fit Jacket

It's thick enough to offer the padding needed but compact enough to fit inside the sleeve of a loose fit jacket. Making it perfect for discrete operation
Camera Stabilizer Arm Brace Shown With the MiniDV Stabilizer

The split design allows for more airflow than competitor products reducing heat buildup and can be worn right or left handed.

This product may also be compatible with the following video camera stabilizers. 
  • Flycam Nano 
  • Glidecam Stabilizers - Compatible!
  • Steadicam Merlin

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