Sunday, September 23, 2012

3-Axis Camera Stabilizer Gimbal - NEW!

3-Axis DIY Camera Stabilizer Gimbal

Balvanz Enterprises is releasing the 3-axis Camera Stabilizer Gimbal for DIY projects. This product is based on the same precision machined, carefully adjusted, and proper design that has been pleasing our customers for countless years. Previously, we only had a 2-axis Gimbal Kit for DIY projects, but in order to offer more options for DIY projects, and fulfill requests from our valued customers, we decided to release the 3-axis Gimbal as well. The 2-axis Gimbal Kit is good for those who just want to get their feet wet with their DIY project, and can easily be switched out for the 3-axis Gimbal later. In order to maintain the accuracy of the 3-axis Gimbal, we decided it had to come fully assembled and professionally calibrated, unlike the 2-axis gimbal kit. The 3-axis Gimbal bracket and handle pieces are being offered with some powder coated color choices. The choices are Gloss Black, Mirror Orange, Transparent Blue, or Transparent Red. Of course, the product is also available unpainted.

Start your DIY project today at:

3-Axis Camera Stabilizer Gimbal

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